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Job ID: 180814

Faculty OMM
Touro University California

Date Posted Mar. 8, 2022
Title Faculty OMM
University Touro University California
Vallejo, CA, United States
Application Deadline Open until filled
Position Start Date Available immediately
  • Assistant Professor
    Associate Professor
  • Osteopathy

Faculty OMM

Requisition ID: 2021-7628

Position Type: Full-Time

Schedule Shift: Day

Hours Per Week: 38

Travel: None

Category: Faculty/Academic


Typical department duties will be designed to fulfill OMM department goals and priorities in delivering OMM curriculum in the preclinical and clinical periods of TUCOM curriculum. Personal and professional development faculty development will be considered in the assigning of duties in the effort to create a rewarding collegial work environment Duties will include but not be limited to the following1:
  • Generation and delivery of OMM didactic lectures, preclinical and clinical lab experiences 1
  • Weekly participation OMM Laboratories (or Practical exams)
  • Weekly approved clinical service 2
  • Weekly attendance to OMM Department Meetings
  • Weekly administrative Time 3
  • University Service as assigned by Department Chair 4
  • Other Assignments as required by the Department Chair 5


These categories and times may be modified in consultation with the department chair to better meet the needs of the department and the faculty member. It is the responsibility of each faculty member to keep the department chair informed of work activities and projects. This should be done by consultation with the chair and/or submission of monthly activity reports within two weeks of the end of the month. Each faculty member is also responsible for submitting a monthly leave report within two weeks of the end of the month. It is expected that every faculty member will behave and interact with students, staff and faculty in a collegial and professional manner.
  • All efforts will be made to distribute among the department the lecture/lab teaching load in an equitable manner, although the exact numbers of each may vary. First year faculty with limited academic experience are expected to attend departmental lectures as determined by the departmental chair. Variation from this standard may be given at the discretion of the department chair to meet departmental needs.
  • Clinical work is expected of faculty to maintain skills, provide educational opportunities for our students and provide service to the community. This is typically done at the TUC/ Solano County Family Health Services Clinics or other TUCOM affiliated inpatient or outpatient clinical venue, and requires the timely completion/submitted of a Touro University-California credentialing packet. Consistent regular clinical presence is required though appointments may need to be rescheduled within a given week due to unresolvable conflicts with the academic schedule. Clinic appointment cancelation should be avoided. A limited specific patient population (pediatric, geriatric, etc.) may be fostered, but not to the exclusion of opportunities of other faculty members or if it means a full schedule cannot be maintained.
  • OMM department administrative time is intended to be used for curriculum, and assessment tool development, question writing, completion of monthly leave, activity reports etc, professional communications (internet, phone, etc.) and professional contacts.
  • University service time is intended to be used for TUC or TUCOM committee participation, clinical or educational research, SAAO Clinic supervision, student advising meetings, educational OMM student treatments, TUCOM club advising, faculty recruiting or other activities approved by the OMM department chair that can vary on a weekly basis. Approved activities that occur off campus after normal work hours are considered an addition to the typical work day. Committee participation is expected at a level of one major TUCOM CA committee (example: Admissions, Student Promotions or Rank and Promotion) or 2-3 less demanding committees for full time faculty and 1-2 less demanding committees for part time faculty. Variation in committee participation requires consultation and approval of the department chair.
  • Additional task assignments specified below may be designated by the department Chair and are designed to fulfill ongoing OMM departmental/University requirements and/or support individual projects as departmental resources permit.
  • 3rd & 4th Year clinical curriculum development and delivery
  • Generation of extra OMM Lecture presentations, objectives and exam questions in Examsoft
  • Serve as OMM Lab Table trainer
  • Coordination and/or preceptorship of the OMM Predoctoral Teaching Fellowship program
  • Serve as a OMM Course Coordinator
  • Personal projects, that may include research including research
  • Treating student OMM lab reactions as necessary

Task assignments not otherwise specified but necessary for support of departmental priorities


Applicant should be committed to the support and development of the next generation of enthusiastic Osteopathic physicians. This would include (but not necessarily limited to) modeling applied Osteopathic philosophies, OMM clinical integration, sound clinical decision processes, and moral/ethical sensitivity into clinical practice through the use of competent palpatory diagnosis and treatment.

  • Active board certification in OMM/NMM or board eligible or
  • Active other applicable specialty board certification with demonstrable OMM skills
  • Clinical practice experience
  • Licensed or ability to be licensed in the State of California - Required
  • Unrestricted DEA licensure - Required
  • Graduate of an AOA-approved osteopathic college- Required
  • Residency training and teaching experience desirable
  • Research experience or interest desirable

General OMM Faculty Position Expectations:

1. Workday: The typical workday starts at 8:00 AM and finishes at 5:00 PM. If you cannot be at work by 8:00 AM it is expected that you notify the department administrative coordinator by phone as to your arrival disposition, if you are unable to speak directly with the administrative coordinator then it is expected that you additionally contact the OMM chair or their designee by phone to notify them of your arrival disposition

Please Note: You are a salaried employee, and as such there may be situations that would require more than 40 hours work/week if paid as a 1.0 FTE employee.

2. Availability: It is expected that you can be reasonably contacted in person, by email or by phone at all times during the workday. If this is not possible, it is expected that you will notify the department administrative coordinator of your unavailability, the reason why you cannot be available and at what time you will become available to be contacted.

3. Notification: If you need to leave your office or a departmental scheduled activity (lab, department meeting, etc.) during the workday for greater than 30 minutes it is expected that you notify the department administrative coordinator and/or department chair as to the disposition of the absence.

4. Lab: It is expected that faculty arrive before the beginning of scheduled labs and stay for the entire lab time. During lab time, cell phones should be turned off unless a call that cannot be taken outside of the lab time is expected. In this case, the faculty member will notify the department chair of the possible interruption. Faculty computer use during a lab will be limited to lab lecture presentation and cease during student practice time. It is expected that all faculty be actively engaged with the students during the student practice time. Discussions with students should stop when the lab leader starts to lecture to the students. OMM faculty are expected to be professional towards both students and other university faculty. Faculty interactions with the lab lead or other lab faculty is expected to be professional, respectful, minimally disruptive, and conducive to a smooth and effective lab experience for the students. Lecture PowerPoint Postings: When PowerPoint presentation documents are used in didactic sessions, they are required to be posted to the online educational site (CANVAS) no later than 48 hours before the day they are scheduled to be presented - as indicated in the Faculty Handbook. If you are not able to meet this requirement you are expected to contact the department administrative coordinator and/or department chair notifying them the disposition of your lecture posting. After posting a PowerPoint lecture (whether on time or not), it is expected you email the department administrative coordinator to notify them of the posting. Obviously professional ethics apply as to the accuracy of these notifications.

5. Lecture Objectives - Objectives need to be submitted for all assigned lectures and labs for inclusion in the syllabus prior to posting as specified by the OMM chair. That date will be sent to all faculty as soon as the department is made aware. Any changes to the objectives need to be made prior to the submission of your exam questions, be posted on CANVAS learning portal at the time of PowerPoint Lecture posting.

6. Exams:

a. Turning in Didactic Lecture Questions: Eight exam questions per lecture hour are typically expected in a timely fashion set by the respective OMM course coordinators. Test items are to be consistent with the NBOME item writers guide and submitted to the department administrative coordinator no later than the date designated by the respective OMM course coordinator. Item submissions may be required to be in the ExamSoft examination tool. New items to reused items ratios per lecture hour will be designated through agreement between the OMM department chair and course coordinators.

b. Techniques for Practical Exams: Every technique for the practical exam must have a written reference that is provided to the students no later than the day of the first lab and submitted to the department administrative coordinator.

7. Paperwork:

a. Absences: All absences from work including vacation, personal days, continuing medical education, off campus meetings, etc. require submitting "Request for Leave" forms that must be approved by the department chair as indicated in the Faculty Handbook.

b. Biweekly Timesheets: Electronic timesheets will be filled out every two weeks.

c. Reimbursements: Reimbursement requests need to be filed within two weeks of your return from travel or the purchase date of the item for which you are trying to gain reimbursement. Please note that all travel and items purchased must be preapproved by the department chair.

d. Department Chair Requests: All requests from the department chair (updated curriculum vitae, evaluations, lecture/lab selections, etc.) are expected to be completed by the stated deadlines, which will allow sufficient time for completion. If it is not possible to complete the requested task in the time given, it is expected you contact the department chair and/or department administrative coordinator to notify them the disposition of the task. Please note that some deadlines cannot be extended.

8. Doctors appointments: It is expected that non-emergency appointments will be scheduled for times that do not conflict with scheduled departmental activities and that the department administrative coordinator and/or department chair is informed of the appointment as soon as the appointment is made. If scheduling conflict is unavoidable it is expected that you let the department administrative coordinator and department chair of the conflict.

9. Vacations: Vacations are expected to be scheduled for times that have reasonably the least impact on scheduled departmental activities. A "Leave Request Form" is required to be submitted, approved, and signed by the department chair no later than two weeks prior the start of the vacation unless prior authorization has been obtained from the department chair.

10. Collegial behavior: The OMM department consists of professional individuals who are expected to function as part of a team in manifesting the departments mission. Every departmental members opinion is expected to be heard. Those opinions will be taken under consideration, discussed if necessary, consensus obtained if possible. Final action and/or policy will be at the discretion of the department chair. Any academic issues or opinions with presented material or department policy is welcomed, but is expected to be shared in a collegial, respective, non-disruptive fashion at a time deemed professionally appropriate. However, at no time are such issues or opinions to be expressed in a fashion that could be construed to undermine student learning experiences and/or confidence in the OMM departments unity of mission.

11. Non-assigned work: The department chair must approve all work not stated in your job description that effects a faculty members departmental work (e.g. providing treatment, club advisor), or University work (committee work, research or other projects).

12. Clinic Scheduling and Rescheduling: The standard for the department is to schedule 60 minutes for a new patient and 30 minutes for a follow up appointment. Clinic time is on a weekly basis unless it conflicts with scheduled departmental activities. If a scheduled time for clinic is canceled less than 60 days prior to the appointment, it is expected that the time be made up during the same week and arranged with the clinic manager. Please send a copy of all changes to your clinic schedule to the department administrative coordinator including the reason for the need to change and the date you intend to make up the time. Scheduling policy is subject to change based on practice site and resource allocation.

13. Completing Patient Notes: Completion of patient notes and paperwork is expected to be done within 60 minutes of the finish of the last patient appointment for a given day, regardless of the scheduled patient visit times. An unresolved pattern of incomplete clinic documentation and/or clinic paperwork will be brought to the attention of the OMM department chair and/or college Dean for further action.

14. Task Assignments: Every faculty member will be given task assignments by the department chair that may differ from other faculty members. If a task assignment conflicts with a scheduled departmental activity, it must be reasonably prior approved before the date/time of the conflict by the OMM department chair.

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Touro College is an equal opportunity employer. Touro College treats all employees, job applicants, and students without unlawful consideration of race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition), age, disability, medical condition, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, military service or veteran status, citizenship status, or any other classification protected by applicable federal, state or local laws. We are committed to ensuring the fulfillment of this policy in all decisions, including but not limited to, recruitment, the administration of educational programs and activities, hiring, compensation, training and apprenticeship, placement, promotion, upgrading, demotion, downgrading, transfer, layoff, suspension, expulsion and termination, and all other terms and conditions of admission, matriculation, and employment.

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